Here's a few folks that have helped me along the way. The list grows all the time.

Okay. Okay. So, I admit it. I stole this idea from James Clear. But, I really liked it. After all, this website is a culmination of everything I'm doing professionally. Plus, I blog on here all the time. So, consider this the credits for everyone who has influenced my life. And, make this dream more and more a reality.

By the way, this list is ever-growing.  It gets added to all the time. So, I hope that it crashes my website platform someday from being so huge! 

With my whole heart, I'd like to thank...

Roger Gibson

Kari Gibson

Hannah Gibson

Zoie Gibson


Gary Smalley

Norma Smalley

Malcolm Gibson

Taylor Smalley Jenkins

Murphy Smalley

Garrison Smalley

Annie Smalley

Cole Smalley

Reagan Smalley

David Smalley

Marcus Grisham 

Shannon Grisham

Jim Shaughnessy 

Patty Shaughnessy 

Les Parrott

John Tesh

Connie Sellecca Tesh

Carol Taylor

Cameron Pace

Melinda Booze

Nancy Pace-Miller

Chip Stanek 

Elizabeth Fry

Bryan Ebbrecht 

Kevin Ashley 

Jakob Colombo

Steven Auclair 

Jack Herschend

Sherry Herschend

Bradley Herschend 

My Greenway House roommates (you know who you are)

Robert Sindorf 

Billy Ong

Kathy Ong

Jessica Bruce 

Michael Boerner 

Joe White

Ward Wiebe