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Helping you have the relationships of your dreams.

An Easy Way To Start Improving Your Relationships

Say goodbye to unhealthy relationships, say goodbye to loneliness, and say hello to your new and improved life. Say hello to Real Life Love. 

Hey There, I'm Michael Gibson.

I'm an author, speaker and communicator helping people learn how to love people and Jesus. 


My writing often focuses around helping people understand the beauty of relationships, and I give practical, easy-to-grasp insights that can be applied instantaneously. 


Drawing on my wild and, more then often, crazy upbringing as the grandson of a world famous marriage and family expert, and the son of marriage experts, I love helping people get to the “lightbulb” moment of living in harmony with the people in their life. 


So, come and stay a while. Read and laugh out loud. And, maybe even learn something while you’re at it! 


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Michael has been speaking on stages across the world since the age of 10. Today, he brings to the table an inspiring message of love and how to better relationships. 

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